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Saven: Our new video

A full CG video offering tips for energy savings. The purpose of this video is to raise awareness on domestic energy consumption and its consequences on climate change, and give some tips for its reduction. This chapter focuses on lighting, explaining the different technologies available,…

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L&D, disemination tool developer in an intelligent energy europe project

L&D has participated in the preparation of Mobilise! project proposal, under the Intelligent Energy Europe funding scheme. The aim of the project is to promote the shift towards sustainable urban transport, like cycling or car pooling, amongst young citizens, through social networks and digital media….

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We are working on the Nawatech website

Nawatech is a research project belonging to the 7th Framework program of the EU Commission, coordinated by ttz-Bremerhaven, an innovative provider of research services and operates in the field of application-oriented research and development. Based on dissemination goals, ttz need an easy to update site,…

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