New member: Wearbeard

We proudly announce here a new addition to our team of freelancers. He is a great designer and illustrator with a tone of experience in the advertising field. To introduce him we just will use his own words, and a few of his works. And we hope that you would be amazed as us by the colorful, neat and clean designs and illustrations he creates.

Some Wearbeard Designs:

Some Wearbeard Illustrations with a brief text describing his own motivations:

When you’ve been wearing beard for a while, the day that you finally shave it off everybody goes like “dude, you really look better, you seem younger”. That’s why beards are cool. That’s why we all should wear beards. Because, these days, to commit oneself to such an act whose consequences directly lead you to diminish your beauty and your so called youth is brave, really brave. And the world needs brave people.


People capable of believing in their ideals, or their beards, despite everybody’s opinions. Despite of the fact that everybody’s opinions are similar. Despite. To this point, it’s quite obvious that these words are not meant to be just a hair thing. It’s a proven fact that women do exist, and that hair doesn’t grow in their faces. But that’s not the point. The point is that they, women, certainly do have ideals. Opinions.


Beliefs that shouldn’t be shaven. Because they’re the reason why you think for yourself. The reason why you’re unique. Because they are, after all, what you are. For that, and for the fact that it makes you look interesting, wear beard.


And in case you want to see more of them, here you have also some links: