Brand new Low&Dubh website

Finally we have launched our web site. Still working on it  (probably will never stop) and we can promise that sooner than later we’ll be uploading more of our works as we wanted to give priority to the new ones, meanwhile you can check the works of our team. We don’t have words to let you know how excited we are about this new era for Low&Dubh. So we’ve prepared a graph so you can check our level of enthusiasm:

  • Enthusiasm 110%

We have an about section on the web where we would love you to meet our team. We’ll be updating it as our team of artists and collaborators has grown and is still growing and changing.

  • New site updating 75%

To finish we would like to thank all those people who believe in us everyday, and we would love you to know that we believe in you as well. We can promise you all that we won’t stop and that we won’t be flagging!